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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a traffic exchange?
Welcome to the wonderful world of traffic exchange advertising. This is a great way for small business owners, marketers, affiliates, opportunity seekers and website owners to get top quality traffic to their websites. It's a very simple concept, you will visit other members' websites and they will visit yours. The more sites you visit, the more website traffic you will receive!

Plus, we strategically place your banner ads and text links around the site for other members to view.
How many websites must I view to get my own website shown?
1 credit = 1 website impression. For every credit you attain you will have your website shown to one other member one time. There are three levels of membership: the initial free level (Novice) and two upgrades (Pro & Grand Master). Depending on your membership level, you will earn different amounts of credits for each website of another person you view. Novice(free) members earn 1 credit for every 3 webpages they view (3:1 ratio). Pro members will earn 1 credit for every 1 webpage they view (1:1 ratio). And Grand Masters earn a heavy 2 credits for viewing just one webpage (1:2 ratio).
Can I buy extra traffic?
Yes, simply log into your account and click on the link to Buy Credits!
What kind of sites do you allow?
Very simple, no framebreakers, no hate, no warez, no viruses, no adult content, no problem! YES, we do allow rotators and we recommend that Traffic Master users consider using a PageSwirl Rotator. This is one of the most user friendly rotators for both exchange user and owner.

If your sites do not follow the rule, not only will your websites be removed, your account may be suspended. Please make sure you check your URLs before you add them!

Pop ups? NONE! "Pop-up" type ads that occur within the website such as "slide-ins" etc. are perfectly acceptable of course, but pop-ups that open a new browser window and especially those that interfere with surfing, i.e. exit pop-ups, will not be tolerated!

For more information on what is and isn't allowed please consult our terms.
Why do I get logged out when I start to surf?
Typically, surfing / login problems are associated with cookies. Make sure your browser and/or firewall are set to allow all cookies and not blocking third party cookies.

You may also need to add to your allowed sites list.

Refer to your browser and/or firewall help feature for instructions on changing cookie settings.

Another issue could be that you do not have any URLs listed in 'My Websites', please add a site and then try to surf again.
How come I cannot delete a website in my account?
Make sure you have ZERO % "Auto-Assigned" to any URL you are trying to remove from your account. This will allow you to edit and replace any site you wish.
Why can't I sign up with an AOL email address?
Unfortunately, the powers that be have blocked all e-mails coming from our servers. To remedy this, either sign up using a different email account or let AOL know that you want to use your email at
Can I sign up for more than one account?
NO. Only one account per user is allowed. If you wish to re-register for some reason, you must first delete your initial account. However, opening a new account purely for the purpose of changing your upline is not allowed and any member found doing this with have their account suspended and/or deleted.
Can I make money with Traffic Master?
Traffic Master is NOT a money making program, this is an advertising service and a great way to get people to your site.
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